No hands.


Kick trash off the sidewalk and onto the street.


Cigarette butts, filters and empty packs, glass, pebbles, cardboard, clothing, anything white, metallic, plastic, paper, and inorganic: ONE POINT EACH.


Organics: leaves, animals (dead or alive), grass, soil, spittle, droppings, oil spots, wet spots, water puddles, snow and ice: ZERO POINTS.


Kick trash onto the brick border along the curb just short of the street: ONE POINT EACH.


Foot strikes on the same target while airborne: ONE POINT EACH.


Same kick, multiple targets towards street: ONE POINT EACH.

SK, MT onto street: ONE POINT EACH.

Onto curbstone: ONE POINT EACH.


Into the street during high winds: ONE POINT.


Kick target into a trash receptacle: ONE POINT.


Your score is cumulative.


Competition by yards of sidewalk swept per unit time.


Or alternating kick passes by different competitors from an agreed starting point to the street.One item per competitor, unless itís worth TWO POINTS or more; then the same competitor starts kicking another item.


MINUS ONE POINT for kicking an object into a crack in the sidewalk.


MINUS ONE POINT for unsportsmanlike behavior or using hands (game over).


ONE POINT, once per game, for making spectators laugh and/or applaud.


ONE POINT, once per target if you're a real clown.


PERMITTED CHEAT: A twig may be used to tease one or more targets from cracks in the sidewalk that cannot be reached by shoe toes.Do not count footsteps to do this task.ZERO POINTS.


If some piece of litter perturbs you beyond enduring, pick it up by hand and take it to a trash barrel.Wash your hands after.ZERO POINTS.


Elegant simplifications of these rules are welcome.Children should keep a sum in their head of the score (the more complicated the calculation they will tolerate, the better) and kick litter to the curb.





Learner, begin