“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

An Upton Sinclair quote taken from the column of Mike Mailway (pseudonym for L.M. Boyd of regretted memory) syndicated by the Seattle Post Intelligencer of regretted memory. All that’s been left standing in this town is the Seattle Times that scams progressive politics by hyping unpopular Republicans and their sellout politics.


Please read “The Future” first.


One way or another, a grim era is winding down. Weapon managers cannot draw more profit from warfare … not even false profit. That time has passed. The energy wasted on weapon myths can no longer be considered surplus. No excuse remains for knee jerk ignorance, deliberate poverty, preventable disaster, sanctioned injustice and dogmatic overpopulation: by far the most expensive social policies. Their revision will trigger less pain and more profit. Better yet, they will reduce the ill will that plagues us.


We are burning up petroleum by thousands of tons every second. A dozen or so years ago, we rushed over a cliff edge of increasing oil demand and reduced supply: a leap that none of our officials bothered to warn us about.

The inertial momentum of WeaponWorld has grown too massive to be stopped. It has turned us into cartoon characters suspended beyond a precipice and windmilling their arms and legs to keep level. There is still enough time (though precious little) to pick what we will take with us over that precipice.

We can take the jump bearing the latest flame-thrower apparatus WeaponWorld could devise: death at a trigger pull, that’ll fry anyone who’d dare pry it from our hands. Costing a fortune. Why not several? Why not heavily armored and self-propelled on tracks? Why not regiments of them? That assembly will make a satisfying flash and bang when it crashes on the canyon floor below. A spectacular fireworks display: smoldering body parts and bits of junk cartwheeling in all directions!

Otherwise, we could don a parachute: carefully woven, tested true, well packed and deftly secured to us. Train long and hard to land catlike, the way veteran smoke jumpers would.

I suspect that we will take this jump equipped with something halfway between those extremes: with a moth-eaten emergency parachute to uphold the tin can flame-thrower tankette we’ll ride to squashing impact.

If only we had looked deeply into this problem back during the 1950s when enough oil reserves remained to cushion our fall. If only a convincing precursor of Learner had circulated in millions of copies a generation or three ago!

But WeaponWorld authorities were too shortsighted to do the right thing back then and their modern-day counterparts show no greater vision, quite the contrary. Windmilling their feet like synchronized swimmers, they have been just politically correct enough to appease us idiots.

Tending toward flame-throwers: the sacrifice of the Other. Tending toward parachutes: the celebration of Learners.


It is not mere profit we should seek, but Learner commonalities we may share: the Humanity of World Peace and the Duty of Learning (paraphrasing Mencius).

Our future is endangered by society’s worst tendencies: elite presumption, proletarian ignorance and mutual submission to those errors. Prejudice, panic and greed have degraded everyday wisdom; ignorance, mental sloth and self-isolation have short-circuited common sense.

In their appeal for the dictatorship of compassion, the suggestions contained in Learner demand serious contemplation; better alternatives, STAT application.

Powerful private interests may resist (are resisting) this transformation; they may jam (are jamming) infant Learner Networks – especially the Internet – with meaningless babble. Info elites persist at peddling their worthless priorities across tiers of corporate monologue mass media. Conspiracies of Greed still crouch behind private property rights and other weapon myths so that they may violate the Commons with impunity.

Once Learners prevail, weapon technicians (globally inferior peace technicians) will not be happy with their newfound vestigial status. They will suffer clinical withdrawal from so much money, authority and prestige — this last, the ultimate military perk. Battle elites may balk at honoring the newfound priorities of their proletarian hosts. They may refuse to cooperate with erstwhile enemies except to wreck more havoc.

Religious fundamentalists are for the most part resurrected carnivores in sullen retreat. They’ll find no sustenance in Learner for their self-worship. Preaching the twin contradictions of religious bigotry and blessed mayhem, they accurse themselves and their followers. Yet exactly the same people could celebrate more often and sacrifice less frequently, help more people and injure fewer, and thus render due devotion to God’s peace.

So too, those who exult in catastrophe, no matter whether they drew inspiration from the Bible's Book of Revelations, from some rabid misinterpretations of the Koran (Qran) or some other holy text they’d rendered toxic. Their reaction is that of a homicidal bus driver who dreams of a fiery crash that will consume the passengers entrusted to his care. The trick would be never again to hire such people as our guides.

It is with awe-inspiring miracle that we should be playing like infants chuckling among their toys on the floor — and no longer bemoaning unstoppable catastrophes.


You, indignant activist! Snap out of your hypnotic fascination with empty clichés; shake off the dead-end lethargy, the fussy futility and the vehement emptiness that you inherited. Take up instead the golden yoke of Learning. Watch its radiance blossom from your trace along with those of the rest of the world.

We who’ve been routed by the forces of reaction, let us sound the rally call so that our scattered companions may link up with us from the ends of the Earth. We who share no vision beyond our worst fears, form square around Learners and stand our ground until reactionary dominance shatters against the wall of our bodies and its results bog down (as usual) in the worst possible outcomes. Then we may resume the assault irresistibly, once and for all.

This book proposes a few answers to our worst problems. Expect better ones to emerge once new Cooperatives of Plenty revive Learner creativity and allow us to gain a say in every problem our curiosity illuminates. Every baby step, every antinomy clarified will win another round for Learners.

We must first winnow the weapon content from our constellation of political metaphors. Only then will we liberate ourselves from the Thousand Year Reich of weapon mentality.


This text invokes the reform-idealism of youth — call it revolutionary fervor, for lack of a better term. Everyone moderately sane shares a kalotropism: an innate attraction to the good. Our conscience will guide us through to it quite reliably, once we stop repressing it.

These days, this fervor lies dormant with no permissible outlet. Weapon mentality converts healthy fellow feeling into Prism exclusivity, rabid nationalism, parochial prejudice, personal loathing — and ultimately, willingness to soldier. Under the sway of this deception, the milk of human kindness is curdled into frustration and rage. Hypnotized since birth by expert weapon mentors, we reject new ideals and resist real progress. Then we wonder why our little piece of the puzzle refuses to fit!

Most of us defy these perversions, at least in the privacy of our own thoughts. Our defiance, however, relies on obsolete vocabulary, outmoded politics and feeble appeals for circumstantial justice. Our liberal, atomistic and meliorist mindset has stalled since it’s been monkey-wrenched by sociopaths. To shake them off and jumpstart it, a majority of Learners will have to develop cooperatives of abundance far and wide.

Peace loving Learners will turn this reform-idealism into a dynamo of social transformation. Once we give it full play, we will be headed for glory. Given a knowledge-value loom stout enough to shuttle the thousand-count sheet of reform and stiffen it with ribs of revolutionary fervor, we may mend the tattered social fabric and reweave it into a broadcloth of many colors in a single generation.

Old souls have swaddled their battered conscience in empty mysticism, bombastic positivism, pseudo philosophy and parafaith; numbed it with drug abuse, pathosex and the obsessive meaninglessness of Prismatic and Wimpish thought.

We’ve read stacks of books and magazines, and spent years watching television programs that merely underscore our powerlessness and social futility. In desperation, we’ve clung to a succession of addictive denial mechanisms. We’ve pandered to “scientific” closed-mindedness, inertial paralysis, post-modern nihilism, groundless fundamentalism and religious faith in the unlikelihood of progress. We’ve withdrawn into personal cool, evasive jokes and refusal to take anything seriously except our carefully fattened ego.

We pay attention to nothing any longer but that which swaddles us in our comfort zone by confirming our worst prejudices. For fear of becoming “fanatics,” we’ve rejected every new hope and inspiration except the most trivial ones. We have turned into hopeless credophobes: too hung-up and “cool” to believe in anything new.

Weapon mentality thrives on the dissipation of your talent and intellect, it favors the clamminess of your cool. As for the mentality of peace, it would prefer the torchlight of your Learning.

Don’t count on any grace-benefit – homegrown, store-bought or book-learnt – until we’ve established global peace. Five thousand years of unilateral self-perfection, bloody nation building, futile dissidence and fanatical cult revival — that is all we have to show for our history: crazy amounts of time and effort wasted.

Those outmoded notions have enjoyed more than their fair opportunity to succeed and more latitude than sane prudence would dictate, given their disastrous outcomes. They have failed as miserably as they were cunningly advertised and fanatically adhered to. It is time they were swept from the scene like rotten rags; either that or dragged up to a rooftop, flooded in soapy suds and then sunned in the heat of day, that their colors might shine.

We must improve the global stage tremendously. Other remedies, so difficult to achieve in the past, will turn out to be self-starting and sustaining once Learners sort out these other things first.

Learning will raise the living standard of common and uncommon folk alike. Developed wisely, real abundance will replace the hardship and terror we have settled for, until every essential is shared in peace. Peace and abundance will become our birthright, for which we’d paid in full already. Any remaining threat or dearth will become an isolated problem subject to swift resolution — never again another unintended consequence swept under the rug by our senile institutions.

The poor of today take for granted some things an ancient Emperor would have traded a kingdom for: telephones and vaccines, for example. On PeaceWorld, the poor will claim security and comforts surpassing the pathetic luxuries our besieged billionaires boast of today.

This text delivers to smug elites and ambitious proto-elites the only challenge worthy of their braggadocio (braggart arrogance). Their cooperation is vital for this endeavor. Their recent accomplishments are trivial in comparison and doomed to fail unless followed up by Learner development. After they’ve seen to that, they will ensure that their descendants enjoy a better life than they ever dreamt possible, even (especially!) after every legitimate need has been met.

And so to work! Forgo the paramilitary consumerism we’ve mistaken for success up to now, reject suicidal wealth-to-poverty ratios surpassing fifteen-to-one and five-to-one. Instead, provide everyone with a free choice between moderate serenity and the riskiest adventure Learners may find some use for.

We Learner proto-elites are just reawakening to our responsibility. In coping with the latest wave of transformation, we find ourselves in turn Wimpish, Prismatic and Chaosist; info elite and info proletarian; progressive, moderate and conservative. Moreover, we are loath to paint our political identity into such claustrophobic corners. We reject old values but are baffled by current events. No valid vision of the future inspires us; no new conviction warms our frozen hearts. Infant-like, our attention fixates on flashy baubles. No matter how hard we try, we cannot manage to concentrate on real progress.


“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” The Bible, Corinthians 13-11.


Learners will find allies on both sides of every barricade of wealth, class, ethnicity, nation, religion and occupation. Relieved of their fears, former adversaries will emerge from their sandbagged gun pits ready to make friends. The segregations remaining on PeaceWorld will show off cultural and artistic uniqueness — little more. They’ll resemble German Oktoberfest or Native American Powwows: sources of cultural pride and comfort instead of bigot hostility and distrust. Most of our alleged opponents will turn out to be our natural allies. The resistance of the sullen remainder won't even pose a speed bump in front of Learner progress.


These pages are not engraved in stone; on the contrary, they’ve been typed in ephemeral pixels. Treat them as an agenda of discussion and a stage in the round upon which to plan a brighter future. Dedicated professionals and gifted amateurs should reconsider every assumption found herein. Their debate may bring about a brilliant Learner Commonwealth. Our first and last question should be: “What if the sky were the limit?”

Either Learners will drag humanity kicking and screaming into PeaceWorld, or weapon managers will sleepwalk us hand-in-hand and smiling vacantly into military disaster.

You. Yes, you! Quit stoking the WeaponWorld Jive Drive. Defy weapon mentality wherever you find it. Be anarchic in your own unique way or join some new collective to ensure the accomplishment of your chosen project. Devote your lifetime to quiet saintliness as your ancestors may have done, or quietly trip up the bully chasing his next victim past your front door.

In any case, reach out! The miracle we’ve sought since the beginning of time may be just within reach!


“Our way of conceiving justice and truth is undoubtedly destined to be outdone in the ages to come. This much we know. And, far from dropping our courage, this hope and conviction are the best stimulants for our recent drive. It is therefore each generation’s stern duty to reach as far as it can toward the truth, to the very edge it can see — and cling there desperately, as if it had reached the absolute truth. The progress of humankind is at such a cost.

“The life of one generation is nothing more than an endeavor that follows from and leads to others. Well, friends, our generation did its part.

“Peace be upon us.”

Roger Martin du Gard, Jean Barois, Edition Gallimard, Paris, Le livre de poche, 1921, pp. 327-328.


 So, what more are we waiting for? Learner, begin!



Learner, Begin