“Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.” Cree Indian Prophecy taken from Mutant Message, Marlo Morgan “Two Hearts,” MM CO., 1991.


It sickens me to watch stuffed-suit sociopaths cannibalize what’s left of our only oxygen works. Here we are, packed aboard the only submarine we know about (our very own micro nano bubble of habitable space), cruising the black depths sea of outer space without a chance of “surfacing.” Idiotically, they insist on shooting vital components of that unique system out torpedo tubes into the Deep. Then they reward each other for their brilliant achievement with shiny bits of metal and crisp green waste paper printed with lots of zeros. How stupid can they get! They seem to be running a ruthless race to perdition.

The American Constitution as enforced at the beginning of the Third Christian Millennia can no longer be relied upon to protect us. (And to think it’s been more than two thousand years since the Ascension of Christ: What lovely progress we’ve made!) Its Bill of Rights doesn’t even mention clean air and water. How can we cleave to “original intent” interpretations of this Constitution? Its authors worded things so they could keep slaves while declaring that all men were equal.

Face it. The U.S. Constitution is obsolete as currently interpreted. It was an outstanding document two centuries ago, during the era of horse and sail conveyance, of communication by goose quill and sealing wax, of unlimited free land opposed to the divine rights of kings. Like other revolutionary instruments, it required active protection by disinterested authorities supposed to bring it up to date on a regular basis in accordance with its own provisions. But that cannot happen in our reality dictated by special interests without permitted opposition.


Two recent laws have sealed shut the lid to the casket of American freedom: 1) “Citizens United” approved by a reactionary Supreme Court (that could not leave the citizenry more disunited), attributing legal personhood to mere corporations and permitting unlimited, anonymous political funding; and 2) the Defense Authorization Bill of 2012, legislated by an equally vile Congress and signed by a Weimar Republic President, authorizing the indefinite detention (and execution) of American citizens by military authorities without due process. America awaits its burial at the hands of some near-future favorite son Hitler impersonator and his pack of last ditch Republicans. Here comes Trump as the latest prototype.

Sinclair Lewis: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”


In Great Britain, Common Law became hopelessly muddled during the Enclosure Movement. At that time, communal rights to Britain’s pasturage, forest resources and shared fields were sacrificed in order to consolidate large plantations for the rich. In imitation of this distortion of traditional Anglo-Saxon values, sovereign property rights were rammed into the American Constitution.

Native American Indians were dumbfounded by this legal definition of ownership. Such claims were based on little more than elite-certified paperwork and enough firepower to back those groundless certifications; their outcome was genocide. Indians were more accustomed to usufruct that they’d accepted for ages. Less arbitrary and debatable, it was more akin to their intuitive way of thinking and much easier to enforce in peace by common consent.

During our transition to PeaceWorld, this topic will be very important. Learners should abandon regulations that brutally promote the interests of minority elites, and replace them with regulations enforced by peaceful means of mutual trust and near-universal consent.

In truth, the peasants of what became the United Kingdom were just as astounded as New World Native Americans by the arrogant felony of their betters—backed by the same overwhelming firepower and eagerness to abuse of it.


“Usufruct: The right to … enjoy the profits and advantages of something belonging to another, [in this case, God], so long as the property is not damaged or altered in any way.” Webster’s II, New Riverside University Dictionary.


Contractual titleholders must over-exploit their private property to defray outlandish weapon taxes. They accrue profits and advantages from this shameless exploitation, despite negative outcomes and perhaps because of them. Most of those weapon taxes should go directly to PeaceWorld’s social security; the remainder should be in the hands of private owners to reward their good stewardship.

Econologicians refuse to honor sustainability even though it is the first requisite of good stewardship and the foremost basis of legitimate use. It is the best way to accelerate our flight from misery, more practical than elite fantasies about “the pursuit of happiness.” Neither the challenges nor the rewards of ownership would diminish under usufruct law, but sustainability would benefit, most likely.



Like concentric waves radiating from a pebble tossed into a pond, we release expanding rings of delegated authority. From the moment of our birth, we delegate preset affiliations of family, religion, culture, education, business and government. We cannot be “granted” these liberties, privileges, responsibilities and obligations by some outside agency; we can only choose to delegate them in a manner that seems most convenient and attractive to us – otherwise, on WeaponWorld, the least terrifying.

Several ideas, neglected in the past, should govern how we delegate this authority:


·        Personal Prerogative – a healthy, mature individual is fully responsible for this authority and right to privacy. It is never some institution’s to grant back as a “privilege” or take away as a source of profit. At worst, the individual must consent to it for the record on a case-by-case basis, especially if an invasion of privacy is involved. The sole exceptions: certifiable psychopaths and convicted sociopaths who may wind up on some kind of permanent probation.

·        Institutional Limitation – every instrument should limit itself to those issues it can handle, and undertake no other.

·        Directed Service – past priorities should be reversed: instruments should honestly serve a popular function, not rich special interests through stealth hypocrisy.


Learners will amend the Constitution to grant equal rights to anyone who pledges allegiance to it—not just Americans. Included will be those who wish it well but refuse to swear, and those who would rather honor another text – the Koran or the Bible, for example – provided they agreed to do so cooperatively and in peace. This redraft should merit near-unanimous approval.

In the near future, political dogfights will swirl around proposed Amendments to the Constitution—one set drafted by reactionaries to perpetuate weapon management; the other, more progressive, endorsed by Learners.

Learners will leave “the pursuit of happiness” to individual talents and personal conscience where it belongs in the first place. Valid legislation will accelerate everyone’s flight from misery: something our weapon governments have blocked with grim determination. They’d rather abuse select prey in pursuit of their own happiness without limit.

Government has never had the slightest idea what happiness is. It is too subjective a topic to handle honestly. On the other hand, misery is something a government can easily quantify and reduce through routine procedures any rational adult could recite with their eyes closed: the provision of clean air and water, good nutrition, clothing, housing, education, freedom of speech and assembly, justice (protection from corruption), etc. Like other institutions and individuals, government should do what it’s good at and nothing more.

Learners will recognize personal rights to life, freedom of choice, justice and withdrawal from misery. In addition, they will honor the following self-evident rights, namely: the right to cheap, high-quality survival necessities; the right to wholesome soil, air and water; the right to superior health care from before conception until expiration; and the right to pursue Learning to our utmost ability. Current rights, mercilessly narrowed under weapons rule, will increase during the administration of peace.


In How to Think about War and Peace, Mortimer J. Adler writes:


 “The simplest test of a true conception of human happiness is that it should be attainable by each individual without in any way impeding or preventing an attainment of the same goods by others. Anyone who regards the pursuit of happiness as a competitive enterprise …” [suffers from fatal delusion].


A rationalized world government will assemble thousands of the planet’s top biologists (the majority in this venue), chemists, physicists, technologists and industrialists ‒ along with their brightest acolytes who will be given their philosophical head should they stray from their stick in the mud elders ‒ for a Manhattan Project III (Project II: photosynthesis in human skin). Each will get a copy of The Knowledge to study (Lewis Dartnell, The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch, The Penguin Press, New York, NY, 2014). Then they will be given these tough marching orders:

“Abandon everything you just read. None of that technology is sustainable on this planet at our level of population. Come up with more durable ones by slavishly biomiming natural systems. Start with the basics and work your way up. Nothing is sacred but the survival of human civilization, even if must be transformed beyond the recognizable. Scrap and replace any technology that stands in your way.

“Notice: fire is a very special tool to be used most sparingly and usually deep underground or in industrial isolation in outer space, otherwise extremely long ago in the past. Likewise, the competition and death of living beings should become secondary to cooperation except for purposes of overpopulation reduction, process perfection and resource recycling.

“Don’t come back until you are satisfied with your preliminary findings. Oh, and hurry!”




Learner, begin