Inhibiting communications with microscopic precision is the info elite’s most crucial and demanding task. It will be Learners’ to nurture their optimal bloom.

Weapon news media must exploit their apparent truthfulness to beguile the info proletariat, yet remain flexible enough to distort those truths in accordance with their masters’ wish. Even though global events must be speedily reported, internal checks and balances must ensure that unwanted information never emerges. By default, the historical record is entrusted to the media's care, yet troublesome details must be drowned out in trivial noise. Most people must listen to their broadcasts daily, yet tiny info elites should control their content. Freedom of speech must be acclaimed, yet select news be trivialized or magnified on command.

News media foster criminal censorship. Their propaganda confirms the laziness and rowdiness of peoples beyond the local membrane. They condemn the inferiority of foreign governments, regardless of objective merit. They report municipal sports in more detail than international warfare, fill more airtime and print space with advertising than with domestic policy. Violent crime gets more coverage than white-collar crime, even though the latter causes much more grief and expense. Corporate malfeasance is a taboo topic, as are the identity and political affiliations of the most powerful evildoers.

Every day, humanity adds another two million person-years of sweat equity to its history. Every day, this monumental effort gets compacted into two or three pages of formulaic journalese and three-minute segments of video infotainment. Critical events are reported in a cursory, anecdotal present tense or  the discordant, “(verb)ing” gerund form that ignores cause and effect, motive and opportunity. The tragic farces of famous buffoons are followed more attentively than matters of historic importance. Puppies-in-a-basket stories and soap opera dramas garner more loving detail than epidemics of social failure. If the long-term consequences of ritual stupidity are reported at all, the names and political affiliations of those responsible are carefully concealed. How useful the passive voice becomes in the latest news reports. Bad things are reported to have happened; the responsible wrongdoer and their criminal decisions, never. Meanwhile, perpetrators of trivial sex scandals and dramatic but inconsequential street crimes are examined with psychiatric ferocity.

This fascist rot of American reporting has grown so blatant it’s become unmistakable and unforgivable. Serious news, national as well as it is international, cannot be found on American TV, replaced by infotainment, true crime, paparazzi and sports trivia. Political commentators spend broadcast primetime interviewing spin-doctors of the same opinion without revealing anything newsworthy or significant.

The media on PeaceWorld will hold to a much higher standard of news reporting, higher still during its former Golden Age: resolving most of these contradictions in the light of the whole truth.


All of this is controlled by a society’s constellation of political metaphors. Our primary constellation regulates secondary ones and through them every other activity. We share clichés like: “Laissez faire (lehsseh fair, “let do”, anti-regulationism), job creators (those who’ve grown rich by massive layoffs), the [flea]marketplace of ideas, manifest destiny, survival of the fittest, the unseen hand.” These shared clichés become cornerstone concepts that regulate other activities. Dr. Kielbowitcz, of the University of Washington, brought his brilliant theory to my attention during a public lecture.

Diverting attention from their tyranny, weapon mentors infuse public discourse with a steady drip of new buzzwords and catch phrases: “trickle-down, free market, deregulation, supply-side, Contract with America,” etc.

Cherished ancient texts dominate the meme-constellation of various cultures: the Bible, the works of Shakespeare (that political hack), the Koran, the Talmud, Das Kapital, Mein Kampf, Mao’s Quotations, the Chinese Classics; violence-promoting weapon distortions of complex works by Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, Hegel, Nietzsche, etc. Each culture’s textual sources and popular clichés may differ slightly from those of other cultures, but the commonness of their dedication to weapon mentality is striking, regardless of their source of origin. Weapon mentors top off this intellectual salad bar all the time. They always manage to confirm the utility, splendor and inevitability of naked exploitation.

Having supped at the trough of the rich, many opposition leaders from one generation – uplifted in their youth by progressive politics – slam the door of reaction on those who follow. Raised to dizzying heights of privilege, they redeem their illusory debt to the rich by subverting the ideals that liberated them. No-one’s experience of victimization immunizes him from future corruption and hypocrisy. On the contrary, prior misery may augment vulnerability to latter-day seductions.

Reactionaries dish out new buzzwords and clichés as hot and fresh as lunchtime pizza. Meanwhile, progressives shackle their discourse in rusty word chains forged centuries ago.

If we compared our political ecology to a nuclear family, conservatives resemble favorite middle children who are also psychopaths: indulged in their misdeeds (“boys will be boys”) and shielded from the consequences of their acts. Progressives are the discounted first-born. Perfection is always expected from them and their least failing is judged without mercy. The neutral majority is treated like the latter born: eternal babies left in large part to their own devices, from whom nothing extremely good or bad is expected (to their endless regret) and any accomplishment is an agreeable surprise.



Populist oligarchs coined the term “democracy” to mask their tyranny in ancient Greece. During the late 1700’s, the designations Right and Left distinguished reactionary royalists from their bourgeois counterparts in the first French National Assembly. Political moderates sat in the middle of a tier of benches. Their detractors sorted themselves politically by sitting with friends to the left and right of the moderates. The further away they sat from the center, the more extreme their views. Meanwhile, members of the radical Montagne (Mountain) sat up top in the back, like schoolboy toughs.

So if Learners make use of political designations like Left and Right, we could just as well use Up Back for dirty-trick extremists and Down Front for by-the-book goody-two-shoes. With a little imagination, we could use terms like high (-minded, dollar-a-day, selfless patriots), and low (-life, what’s-in-it-for-me grifters). That would permit a more accurate political designation in three dimensions. George Washington: high, front and center. Huey Long: low, back, left. Trump: low, back, right; etc. That sure would beat one-dimensional, Left/Right designations. Every politician would seek to be called a High Front Centrist; but their character, behavior and results would sort them mercilessly within this three-dimensional cage.

Assuming journalists published the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and pursued “who, what, when, where” about their topics, not mere Chamber of Commerce press releases and official accusations of dissenters.


The word “utopia” can mean “that place which is not, but should be” or “that place which should never be.” Most people use the term “utopian” like the abutment of a railroad, to stop further conversation in its tracks. By a mere twist of linguistics, the adjective “utopian” has come to mean “hopelessly impractical: consign this topic to instant oblivion.” Once we’ve branded an idea utopian, we require no further thought to reject it. Weapon mentality makes us shut down our critical faculties on the spot. Ditto, "idealist, idealistic" as regards certain philosophers and their outlook. It means “ignore them: they’re not worth the bother.” Such language tricks typify weapon mentality.

Meanwhile, the status quo dignifies homicidal ego-trippers with the title “realist.” As if such ambitious mass murders could expect any outcome more useful than promotion into the info elite, followed by a series of unforeseen bad consequences?


Info elites resist open-ended communication technologies; they restrict new systems to a size somewhat smaller than optimal for their own purpose—the better to “control” them and thus serve their own ends. When a newer, more expansive communication design emerges, they come up with a compromise system on a crash basis. Amply funding it to undercut the alarming alternative, they load it down with trivia, then install a new regulatory bureaucracy to ensure that the original intent remains aborted.

Meanwhile, vicious idiots pollute open-ended info networks with the waste products of their prismatic thinking. A lot of bad television programming comes to mind. Think about it: we could just as easily watch complete coursework from the best universities without commercial interruption, as well as brilliant drama, musical performances and recitations in realtime without limit. The same goes for the Internet with more than its share of commercial exploitation, fundamentalist babble, reactionary self-praise and other-hate, virus littering and flaming idiocy. As if Western governance employed an army of trolls, just like the Chinese Communist Party does, to methodically corrupt the virtual collective conscience.

In addition, check out the content of so-called “progressive” periodicals published in English. They’ve repeated the same nonsense since the collapse of President Roosevelt’s New Deal, signing over the family farm to reactionary card sharks in the process: acre-by-acre of good land and piece-by-piece of sound equipment. They’ve witnessed the defenestration of our political inheritance and proposed nothing significant to prevent it. They’ve never dared conduct active resistance against this ongoing catastrophe; that would have been treason. They rejected Learner without exception and without appeal: way too comfortable with the status quo.

By definition, the mass media of a weapon state must suppress valid content, and its public, submit to it.

Civilian systems are the only ones that suffer from these info-constraints. Weapon communications have always spearheaded technological development. Since weapon mentality smothers rational discourse as a matter of routine, its technicians are free to go nuts with new hardware.

Just look at the first military highways of China, Rome and Persia, or the latest military highways built in Germany and then the rest of the world. Look at the first telegraph and railroad networks, at the Internet itself, (a Dr. Strangelove experiment in nuclear battlefield management) and the hundreds of tons of military jewelry floating out there in Earth orbit, easily worth its weight in gold and diamonds.

Some government agencies spend half their funds to design sophisticated new communications systems, and the other half to make sure that any message transmitted across them remains encrypted gibberish. Much like television. Think of the miracles humanity could accomplish if all these systems accepted only content of the highest quality and broadcast it with a free hand!

We can’t decipher 3,500 pre-Vedic inscriptions from ancient India or those from ancient Crete and elsewhere. Yet criminal hackers and intelligence agents routinely decipher the most elaborate modern security codes, even though were devised by our best mathematicians and run through the fastest computers that ample funding could provide.

Free online web pages can’t fluently translate the primary language that billions of people speak, read and write, from and into English and other dominant languages. AltaVista Bablefish, at http://babelfish.altavista.com/, is an honorable exception I have used to translate preliminary drafts of this text. Nowadays, that is the industrial standard of free machine translation: very rough, garbled drafts.

We spend the trillions of dollars it will take us to fight one another to the death (the primary status symbol of national sovereignty), but not the few pennies required to get everyone to converse freely and talk our way out of most fights. Meanwhile, ego-freak code writers outdo each other to infect our computers with new virus software. Go ahead, shit down the village well, you idiot savants! You who should be forming the spearhead of Learner transformation. Shame on you!

The topic of utmost passion for every elite programmer should be the World Agora’s translucid purity, not some idiot savant’s delight in its pollution.

As always, vicious morons dictate what will be allowed and what is not. Nine out of ten of our precious rules and regulations share this in common—they answer one question alone: “How do we ensure our lives, safety and sanity after we’ve allowed the most unwise and malevolent among us (inevitably) to cast their shit into the communal ventilator?” The Learner equivalent would ask: “How much would we need to pay them to stop, leave us in peace and find something more constructive to do—a hundredth or a thousandth part of current expenditures on costly regulations?”

This dark communication nightmare has a brighter side. Learners can take all the communication hardware we need, right off the shelf. Key components need merely be coaxed from the hands of mystified weapon technicians and plugged into Learner networks.

Despite the empty denunciations of science, we live in a truly magical era. Presto! Peace management could fulfill our fondest dreams; or weapon managers, bring to life our worst nightmares. Which magic show would you prefer to attend?




Learner, begin