“Most people do not understand the complicated machinery of government. They do not realize that every citizen silently but nonetheless certainly sustains the government of the day, in ways of which he has no knowledge. Every citizen therefore renders himself responsible for every act of his government. And it is quite proper to support it, so long as the actions of the government are bearable.” Gandhi quote from Raghavan Iyer’s, The Moral and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi, Oxford University Press, New York, 1973, p. 321.


We have reviewed how governments serve and cripple themselves, established the common traits they share. We’ve dissected their ideo-mumbo, religio-jumbo and technobabble. We have magnified government to cosmic proportions and stripped it into its component parts. Nevertheless, ancient evils may loom if we persist with our olden ways.

We are left with a simple question. Can we prevent weapon technology from committing omnicide and killing everything that lives?

If you deny this prospect, I beg you, think again. Weapon technologies evolved to induce a maximum amount of pain, death and destruction — the same way rattlesnakes evolved to strike with their fangs. Years spent in a glass tank won’t inhibit a viper from lashing out against a tempting target dangled just beyond the glass. Even if this attack gives it nothing but a headache, it will strike by reflex anyway.

Decades spent recovering from total war won’t prevent a weapon technology from exerting its climax destructive potential, even if this attack achieves nothing more than handing civilization its pink slip. Sorry, sweetie… Next!

Primitive weapon technologies let loose their climax destruction potential. Up ‘til now, the mass violence of total war has had little impact on the biosphere, the living membrane wrapped around the Earth; but a massive one on the anthrosphere, the much smaller, more delicate membrane that contains human beings.

Tightening their stranglehold on the human spirit, weapon managers (an insignificant minority, otherwise) have monopolized social expression and snuffed out peace politics. Among the remainder, a handful consigned to the margins hymns of peace while everyone else venerates weapon management or ignores its menace until it’s too late. Thanks to their takeover of most information, weapons managers have wrecked the biosphere and may wipe out the anthrosphere before long.

Ready… Set… Go!

All the requisites of mass extermination have been perfected. Many trivial but illustrative examples can be found here and there: quick-firing artillery of hundred-mile rage and nearby precision, tanks, aircraft and automatic weapons. Then there are the more significant ones: nukes, chems, bugs and scalar “controls” of weather, tectonics and electrogravity. Humanity has already perfected all the mandatory rituals of omnicide: mass conscription, mass consumption, weapon bureaucracy, weapon myths as fresh as they are venerable and so on.

This avalanche of death hasn’t quite yet been triggered — that’s all. Otherwise, everything required has been perfected to the verge of flawless self-destruction.

However, the most devastating weapon states have suppressed destructive activities below their climax potential. Such halfhearted attempts at unilateral disarmament have been unique in human history. Otherwise, more and more sophisticated weapon mentors have justified as much brutality as their rapt listeners could subsidize.


During the mid-1800’s, the German army perfected the General Staff College, the first Master’s Degree Program in Business Administration. Having lost a hundred battles to the French for every victory, it seemed to them the best way to fix the deal. They were mimicked soon afterwards by every other premier weapon state. There followed the senior prom of those military schools: World War I, which I call the Great Paroxysm. During this valedictory exercise, the front line was turned into a giant, open-air factory that mass-produced misery, mutilation and death. The opposing General Staffs who managed this disassembly line held more in common with each other than with their own troops. Bound to their entrepreneurial armorers, they formed the first modern multinational corporations.


Actually, the first multinational corporations were established to peddle weapon religions: featherweight fabrications, cheap, easy to assemble and disseminate. As long as freedom of worship, assembly, speech and thought could be suppressed with impunity, their babble was an ideal merchandise for large volume, high-pressure salesmanship, quick profit, huge turnover and long-term monopoly. The same way our “social media,” mass advertising and politics peddle raw narcissism at the expense of the public good these days. Nothing could sell better.


Weapon states developed super-virulent biochem toxins during the Greater Paroxysm (WWII, sic) and thereafter. The Allies seeded remote islands with anthrax spores that still kill sixty years later. Nazi scientists refined lethal gasses and used them to exterminate human prey by the million; the Japanese slew almost as many innocents with weapon-grade disease.

As we speak, biological weapon development goes on with our blessing and without letup in complete secrecy and criminal silence. Its end products are lethal and contagious beyond imagining.

Since human encroachment is wrecking more and more biomes on Earth, disease organisms afflicting local animals must adapt or perish. Germs comfortably adapted to Disease Levels Three and Four in their natural habitat and among their usual animal hosts may devolve to Levels One and Two in unfamiliar human hosts.

Meanwhile, unforgivable public health failures have set loose a Pandora’s Box of ancient plagues. Slightly better financed health care agencies could have held them in check or eradicated them. Resurgent infections, both those known historically and those new or unfamiliar, betray public health ignorance and managerial incompetence on a global scale. The UN’s introduction of cholera to Tahiti, and WHO’s failure to eradicate Ebola in each of its pre-epidemic manifestations are just additional examples. We are starting to witness the outbreaks of global warming.


No recent combatant nation has made use of its deadliest weapons, at least against equally armed adversaries. It didn’t matter how desperate the outlook became. We restrained ourselves unilaterally with no public agreement in place — or so one should hope.

Hitler, Stalin and their minions could have farted toxic gasses from the rubble of their besieged capitals, yet all refrained. Japanese artillery could have fired anthrax and botulism shells into the face of oncoming American Marines, but they did not. Americans could have carpet-bombed Communist countries with disease, and vice-versa against the American landscape. Barring a few loose-cannon exceptions, all of them abstained.


A score of Prism nation-states contend for regional dominance by threatening their neighbors with massive disruption. North Korea is a good example of this kind of international hostage crisis. Picture a crazed paranoid schizophrene bunkered in his house and holding a neighbor hostage at knifepoint: a good illustration of our state of being everywhere.

The United States would croak outright if a score of “small” atomic warheads flash-fried a like number of American city centers. The collateral effect of two hundred million starving, RIIDS-afflicted Americans clawing for survival would see to the rest. A mere dozen might do the trick.

RIIDS, by the way, is Radiation-Induced Immune Disease. It would be similar to AIDS but would afflict every surviving radiation victim. Nuclear war bureaucrats never want to hear talk of RIIDS, ever.

Global civilization would seize up if fifty fireballs seared major urban nerve centers across the planet. Hundreds of times that number are poised for the Terminal Paroxysm, plus an untold tonnage of biotoxins and exquisite chemical poisons. Besides which, scalar weapons of meteorological and tectonic warfare are on the verge of being perfected.

You may have been reassured that there are fewer warheads than that in inventory, that the stock has been reduced by a series of masterful negotiations… or so it’s been mansplained to you, so that the nightmare of planetary genocide at a moment’s notice does not put you off your feed. But those nuclear miscounts don’t include “tactical” and smaller warheads held in secret reserve; or those, by the thousands, detached from their obsolete missiles but still in inventory.



Do you recall this classroom model of gravity? A rubber sheet is stretched out flat like a trampoline. Heavy weights dimple the sheet, representing planets and stars. Then a demonstrator rolls a marble across it. This marble rolls towards one of the dimples, circles the heavy object and then spirals into contact with it    thus illustrating gravitational mechanics?

The trampoline represents WeaponWorld, across which thirty or so wars disgrace us at this point in history. Its overcrowded surface shrinks with every upgrade of our communication network. Each of those wars is a weighty mass — especially the one between Israel and Palestine: the central sun of our weapon solar system. The marbles are nuclear warheads, either locked away in government arsenals or passed from hand to terrorist hand. We’re just waiting for one of those marbles to click against one of the weights, at which point, boom!

Remember, when (not if) the nuclear curtain does come down, every nuclear reactor, chemical factory, petroleum refinery and bio-toxin lab will blow up. Indeed, almost every forest glade, grain field, frame house, household match and baby’s curl in the Northern Hemisphere will burst into flame and toxic smoke. Simultaneously? This global firestorm will probably drag on for years as a trickle of nuclear warheads gets doled out from snug, well-concealed command bunkers.

This unfolding desolation will turn out to be very bad news for the survivors. Radiation levels will remain toxic for years, especially in the smoldering ruins of big cities and downwind of them. Those would include major ocean and river ports, mountain plateaus and passes and healthier elevations in boggy lowlands: key geographic features civilization would find irreplaceable. New crops would be toxic for at least a decade.

We have been led to fantasize about a nuclear war that will only last for two weeks. “Two weeks of hell, then the survivors can start rebuilding!” This two-week figure is derived from the Nuclear Rule of Sevens. Radioactive contamination drops by 90% every time another power of seven hours elapses after each fireball.

Twenty minutes after an explosion, let’s say your little corner of the Hell gets microwaved with a thousand roentgens. That would be a pretty light dose downwind of most bombs; it could easily be ten, twenty times stronger or more. Five hundred roentgens will kill everyone exposed to it in a few hours or days of rot-from-the-inside agony.

You will have to flee into a deep-dug, blast-proof shelter reinforced with steel, lead and thick concrete walls, equipped with carefully filtered air and your own reservoir of clean water. Make sure you can dig yourself out from under treacherous piles of surface debris; also, that your shelter is far enough away from the city’s firestorm fuel pile … at least a few dozen miles away. Better to die quickly in the primary blast on the surface rather than slow cook in your bunker. Such shelters cannot be improvised on short notice, no matter what wishful thinking you've been told.

Explosion + seven hours: one hundred roentgens: a very nasty dose that would bring cancer to many. Don’t stir from your shelter.

Plus seven x seven hours = 49 hours or two days: ten roentgens. Don’t eat or drink anything exposed, don’t breathe the outside air without a good gas mask with replaceable filters, throw away or bury the clothing you've worn outdoors, plus shower thoroughly in precious, clean water. Never use rain or surface water at this time! Don't bother to boil or filter it; it will be radioactive in any case. A state-of-the-art combination of distillation and filtration may reduce certain kinds of radioactive contaminants in doubtful water but not enough to make it completely safe to wash with or drink.

I hope Uncle Sam has paid for your bomb shelter with its self-contained water supply and filtered air, because no-one other than millionaires could afford it. Did you know the Swiss had built blast-proof shelter space for every citizen, with filtered air, good water and sufficient supplies? At least they used to… The rest of us were too cheap to see to it.

Holland was ruined by the endgame of World War II (sic). Thousands of Dutch died of starvation. Nonetheless, the survivors built a massive system of dikes by 1953, which rich Americans never managed to replicate around New Orleans. Capitalist pigs: self-satisfied profiteers of Third World-style rule.

Plus seven x seven x seven hours = two weeks and radiation levels are supposed to go back to “normal.”

Then again, the soil is still “hot” at aboveground nuclear test sites. Three quarters of a century later, they give off twice the “normal” background radiation count. In turn, that “normal” count has tripled since World War II (sic) and probably quintupled since Chernobyl and Fukushima. Sextupled? So much for the “rule of sevens!”

And good luck rebuilding civilization!

This, assuming your particular bomb hasn't been maliciously clad with “dirty” isotopes with a long half-life. If so, multiply the toxic interval by half (using gold cladding, a stronger initial burst of radiation of shorter duration), by twice as long, years longer or perhaps thousands of years. It depends on the deadly cladding.

In any case, the dirtiest bombs are so-called Hydrogen (H-bombs). Only 10 or 15% of their energy is released by thermonuclear fusion, the rest by very radioactive and dirty fission processes (thanks a lot, Edward Teller). This according to an article by Howard Morland, “The Holocaust Bomb: a Question of Time, at http://www.fas.org/sgp/eprint/morland.html. See also an historic article on the H-Bomb in Progressive magazine, http://www.progressive.org/images/pdf/1179.pdf.

Set your counter closer to 20,000 roentgens rather than 1,000 and compute accordingly. That dose would require over 100 days spent underground instead of a mere two weeks, to get back to nearly “safe” levels of exposure.

This formula doesn’t take into account second, third, fourth, etc. waves of nuclear attack. The radioactivity from each wave will last as long as the first and add to its toxicity.

Could you hold your breath that long? Raise your livestock and children underground; the mushrooms, carrots, potatoes and grain for your daily bread? I doubt it. Once you emerge from your shelter, remove (somewhere, somehow) eighteen inches of lastingly contaminated topsoil and grow what you can in the clay below that.


Five central command nodes monopolized nuclear proliferation during the Cold War: France, the US, the USSR, China and the UK. Despite this strict limitation, nuclear accidents and tripwire confrontations imperiled the future far more frequently than the blank score currently advertised.

Since the bankrupt Soviet Union spun out of the arms race – at least temporarily – any billionaire with a taste for genocide could acquire his own nuke or the makings thereof. While insanely wealthy fools spend millions on comic books and other stupid “collectables,” what do you think the really serious money has collected? More countries are lining up to flaunt their nuclear arsenals, with well-funded terrorists not far behind.

Scalar weapons’ antenna arrays are even easier to build. They can transmit destructive energies from any corner of the Earth, targeting any other spot, unstoppable and hard to trace. At low energy levels, they can broadcast chafing fields over wide areas in which everyone becomes ill tempered, stupid and Republican. The Soviet leader Khrushchev threatened to do just that back in the 1960’s when his researchers started in on this project. Reactionary tendencies in the American heartland may be attributable to ongoing irradiation of this kind.

Slightly stronger energy applications can sicken living things in the targeted zone and eventually kill them. Electromagnetic equipment can be neutralized whether as point targets or across broad areas, no matter how well shielded. Higher energy levels can be focused on high and low atmospheric pressure zones to induce catastrophic weather effects. Greater energy applications could distort seismic fault lines and trigger earthquakes. Apparently, this weapon can be used defensively to create a bubble of destruction around a protected site; it might even block incoming nuclear missiles.

The famous inventor Tesla initiated these studies. Apparently, he abandoned them after the Tunguska atmospheric explosion in 1908. Draw your own conclusions.

What is most disturbing about these longitudinal waves of scalar transmission is the fact that they can, by their very nature, multiply input energy instead of diminishing it through well-known inefficiencies of transmission. Feed the energy of, say, one atomic reactor into an antenna array, and get the effect of several on the targeted point or area.

Seismic and meteorological phenomena have this in common: they represent energies equivalent to several large nuclear weapons exploding simultaneously or in series.

Soon, scalar weapons will be fully understood and demonstrated during a few mind-boggling exercises (three direct-hit hurricanes in a row, anyone?). Soon thereafter, inconsequential terrorist individuals and organizations could take advantage of them much more readily than with expensive, cumbersome, dangerous and more easily traceable nuclear devices.

Atomic bombs use fission reactions to break down heavy isotopes and produce kiloton explosions equal to thousands of tons of TNT. Nuclear weapons use fusion reactions to jam two small atoms together to form one bigger one and produce megaton explosions amounting to millions of tons of TNT, up to the fifty million tons of the “Tsar Bomba” Russian test explosion — or more. Their only explosive limit would be the weight and volume of the explosive device.

Who could imagine a million tons of dynamite going off in a fraction of a second?

This new input to the threat formula leads to hallucinatory results. Weapons elites would rather hone their precious threat deterrent without pause. No matter how abject the outcome, they insist that any conflict surpassing a minimalist, AK-47-and-machete stage can be fought-through using the same old military logic. Yet they always wind up juggling imaginary results from their ultimate calculations and going home in defeat.

It’s a little like the impenetrable arithmetic of a tax form: “When you have finished your sums, divide the end-product by the nuclear square root of -1.”

The climax use of weapons has never been a sane proposition; it has become even less so. No longer can major powers go stomping wherever they wish with all the firepower at their disposal. World opinion would never allow them a “decisive” victory. “You've made a wasteland and called it Peace.” The losing side’s only option would be nuclear counterstrike.

Some will tell you that we haven’t begun the next nuclear war yet, (several nuclear catastrophes, you bet) despite eighty years of trying. They’re certain we’re not about to start one now or any time soon.

This killing within acceptable limits doesn’t take into account new biotechnologies. Taking advantage of breakthrough skills that will become commonplace in the next few years, lone whackos may cook up incredibly infectious, flesh-eating microbes in their kitchen sink, so to speak. For example, a crazed city-killer could find a functional workbench in any Community College laboratory.

The state-of-the-art of biological warfare can string together the components of a new organism, more or less like boxcars on a freight train. One could take the contagion of a flu virus, say, and attach the toxin-producing machinery of Ebola or Yellow Fever; tailor the weapon system to any circumstance or level of lethality desired — even target a specific race or ethnicity (for example, consumers of pork). The only thing that has prevented the release of these experimental models up ‘til now has been that they might mutate beyond the reach of the vaccine designed to protect the releasers’ people.

This would not be a problem for the genius psychopaths whom WeaponWorld mass produces and sets adrift to do their worst. More and more often these days, they don’t care about survivors any more than about their victims.

The latest bio-nano-technologies will compound this problem. They will soon produce lethal, microscopic, self-duplicating biocyborgs, deliverable as liquid aerosols or powders, which could put continental-scale casualties within the reach of some ambitious psychopath. It’s a question of less than a decade or two before these technologies mature to that extent.



This illustrates Buckminster Fuller’s model of ephemeralization: so-called “progress.” More activity (killing) can be accomplished with fewer and fewer overheads of material, time and cost.


“In 1917, … more performance with less weight and volume of materials, less ergs of energy, and less seconds of time investment per each accomplished unit of performance, manifested itself for the first time in the metallurgy, chemistry and electronics of World War I sea and sky armaments.” Critical Path, St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1981, pp. 132-33.


The ultimate outcome of this weapon ephemeralization may turn out to be global military paralysis. Following a few military catastrophes in the near future, everyone apart from the crazies will become too scared to so much as twitch.

This resembles the evolution of threat behaviors in a pack of wild carnivores. The deadlier the predators’ jaws and claws, the more elaborate, ceremonial and “polite” the pack’s social arrangements had to become, to avoid self-destruction. Any pack that rejected exquisite politeness lost the evolutionary game for keeps, its DNA got sent down the drain. In the same way, international nobility had to invent courtly etiquette and flowery palaver because any suggestion of personal insult drew hot passion, cold steel and smoking blood.

Tedious militarists have whined long and hard about any check to their killing. They’ve shrieked for a return to the good old days of unlimited gore. During the Korean and Vietnamese Paroxysms, they bewailed orders curtailing their planned assaults of China, Russia and the Warsaw Pact. They made vain appeals for more offensives to “eliminate enemy sanctuaries.” Actually, the ultimate sanctuary of Viet Cong guerrillas was the command bunker of Soviet Strategic Rocketry.

A little later on, French Armageddon enthusiasts indulged in the latest weapon ritual: smashing a coral reef as a nuclear test site so that the international brotherhood of weapon scientists could refine its genocide calculations. They were looking for ways to carve the diamond facets of an opponent's military hard points instead of flattening whole cities as area targets. As if the victims and their allies would have held themselves back in this manner, once that mass stupidity had taken a serious turn.

Another interesting weapon myth is the accusation of mass betrayal. Cocky militarists often stretch their nationalistic ambition beyond a realistic assessment of their country’s strengths and weaknesses. As a result, they get their nation stomped. This may be the unintentional goal of every weapon manager: to get his unbearably peaceful homies gunned down once and for all.

Once they’ve managed to get their country crushed, they make a swan dive for balmy fascist shores and discrete bank accounts. Emerging, a decade or so later, their first words are always the same: “We were betrayed!”

The German Army, bled white and collapsing at the end of World War I (sic), blamed German progressives for their surrender. Hitler’s henchmen accused the long-suffering German people of betraying them during their woeful endgame of the Greater Paroxysm.

American hawks left Vietnam a smoking ruin, convinced they had defeated the Communists in detail. National Capitalist bitter-enders, they had robbed honest Vietnamese patriots of their hard-fought patrimony and handed it over to the worst Conspirators of Greed they could find.  These then failed to consolidate the country into a viable whole, as was inevitable given their well-earned unpopularity. Then the bitter-enders took off for home, disgusted with their fellow citizens who had “forced” them into defeat.

As if any other outcome than genocide, disgrace and hysterical evacuation were likely under those circumstances. The only other possibility would have been nuclear war: first across the length and breadth of East Asia, then across the entire world.

No matter what those weapon mentors may have told you, bear this in mind. The American lap of the imperialist relay race of war against Vietnam (China, China, China, France, Japan, England, France, America, China) was an exercise in raw genocide – no more, no less – practiced and covered up with Nazi thoroughness. The CIA, the West Point Protective Association, the mighty assassins of President John F. Kennedy, whose conspiracy overrode his veto of the war — each has kept busy since, concealing the gut trails of their innocent victims.

The Chinese government was delighted to stage international Wrestle Mania in Vietnam. They had found there the most unconquerable patriots in Southeast Asia. Those rebels had thumbed their nose at the Chinese for millennia, no matter how many Vietnamese got massacred in the process. How ironic that America’s haughty, ignorant militarists could be driven to stub their toes against those intractable rebels.

These mass-murderers permitted My Lai (my lie) and a galaxy of similar atrocities to go unreported. They insist that no real American patriot may speak of such things. Those massacres were just the tip of a gore-Slurpee they’d whipped up under our noses. Only the slightest whiff of its charnel stench has gone up our nostrils and we are more than ready to dismiss it as an aberration. Here it comes again; can’t you smell it? Wafting drone-borne from Iraq, Afghanistan and other dark corners of the World of the Poor with its predictable blowback in-your-face outcomes?

This demon spawn still runs the United States and through it, the rest of the world. Each new atrocity they organize serves to further their Thousand Year Reich of murder and misery. I’m afraid their apotheosis and ultimate defensive tactic will be to blow civilization back to the Cro-Magnon stage or worse, while they remain cozily bunkered and protected from the fallout.

In truth, the Cold War was not fought in the manner we’ve been led to believe: between the Capitalist West and the Communist East for control of the Poor South. Militaristic Fat Cats on both sides were too eager to swell their weapon budgets and contracts based on their respective info proletariat’s fear of the Other. But they were terrified of nuking the whole planet and their own homes before they’d been effectively fortified. So they couldn’t engage in total war except for a few commando raids, aerial and submarine duels, and mini-wars waged by proxy dictator states.

No, the real Cold War was fought between the bipartisan psychopaths in charge of the world’s military-industrial complex, versus an international brotherhood of humanists, moderates, believers in the sacred, small-d democrats and small-s socialists (the proto-Learners of the world) operating as isolated individuals and thus atrociously vulnerable. Almost all them were arrested, tortured, shot and silenced as soon they came into public view along with their sympathizers and, if necessary, the napalmed armies of supporters. The First World’s military, governmental and media machine crushed their political dreams without exception, favoritism or mercy.

Welcome to WeaponWorld, where mighty war criminals reign without restraint. Since when? Since written history endures.

Until these facts are inscribed in the official record and these ghouls called out for their atrocities, trust nothing from any of them. Until then, their hallowed institutions will never do the right thing except by mistake and through revolt. We can’t heave a sigh of relief until the American government has revealed the conspirators in the assassination of President Kennedy and its coverup. Once the survivors have confessed to their part or once they've all died and been officially condemned, but never before.

The Vietnam War: winnable? Iraq, Afghanistan? Upcoming wars of corporate convenience, shareholder windfall and national bankruptcy? My ass. Whereas military interventions for purely humanitarian reasons (…, Rwanda, Bosnia, Syria, …) are shamefully let drop. Policeman of the world? Bite me, you sellout cowards.

Modern weapon technologies are scaling themselves down from a horde of costly bludgeons into a handful of horrifically expensive, chromed-steel scalpels. A few orbital satellites, drone squadrons, terrorist cells, government commando squads and NGO guerrilla bands promise to replace swarms of ships, planes, tanks and ICBMs. The bludgeon swarms will be carefully preserved, of course, for reuse whenever it is convenient.

In the recent past, as many as seven thousand Abrams battle tanks were parked in the American desert. American armored units divisions needed three thousand replacements at most. The others were waiting to be sand-choked and worn out in Iraq, no doubt to be replaced once again at our expense.

The only thing the American Army learned during its recent wars, is how to manage a civil insurrection. I use the word “manage” advisedly, as in tending a campfire. How to prepare one, light it up, fan it hot and keep it going indefinitely by means of selective brutality.

For reactionary fanatics here in the USA, (and there are millions of them who never understood why the Nazis failed: at least twenty percent of the USA’s population has never puzzled that out) the worst traitors are moderates in their own ranks and everyone on the other side. That's the insurgency they are preparing to address.

Unlike the American Civil War – prior to which slavers at the helm of American government stacked the deck in their favor through various political swindles but lost because the industrial base still belonged to the North – this time, they will control everything that’s left of the American industrial plant (especially weapons factories) they have otherwise been wrecking for decades. Their hope is that this degradation will allow them to prevail over the ruins of America their predecessors despised since they lost the Civil War. Unrepentant slavers …


At least in theory, modern weapons are “surgically” precise: they promise to reduce collateral damage to the biosphere as well as casualties among unarmed combatants. In practice? The Gulf War’s hundreds of thousands of children murdered from deprivation of adequate medicine, water and nutrition; economies devastated and ecologies seweraged across the planet: these illustrate what “minimal collateral damage” entails. The controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, likewise. Downstream consequences, young Learners. We must pay more attention to unforeseen consequences downstream.

We need not limit ourselves to bilateral squabbles. In the future, all sides will suffer the same kind of strategic insult. It will become more and more difficult to pin down exactly who did what to whom. This devastation with no return address will offer a tempting excuse for weapon elites to collapse local living standards and civil rights.

Non-sustainable technologies are not bad per se, but because they cannot be sustained. Inevitably, the price of survival essentials will skyrocket. Each nation’s pampered elite will have to confront its disgruntled info-proletariat led by avenging proto-elites and armed by calculating foreign powers.

Gleaming in the eyes of orphaned refugees turned psychotic, drafted on drawing boards for future fabrication, or carefully stockpiled and readied for use against us: these weapons of mass destruction have our names stenciled on them. They need only be broken out and issued to millions of itchy-fingered troops – or to a handful of pistol-waving fanatics – to rain down on us without letup.

Is there any hope of dodging this death sentence?




Learner, begin