“In the beginning, our Creator gave all the races of mankind the same songs and the same drums to keep in touch with Him, to keep faith. But people kept forgetting. In the fullness of time, the spiritual traditions of all the peoples – they are the same – will be united again in a great gathering of their secret leaders, [my italics], and they will gain power to remake the world.” Mohawk prophesy as told by Tom Porter, from The Great American Bathroom Book, Volume III, (don’t laugh, check them out), Stevens W. Anderson, Ed., Compact Classics, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, 1994, p. 439.


Details of the Cathari religion are intricate and poorly documented. According to ancient Manichaeism from which sprang the Cathari faith, an Evil Principle dominates the physical world and an equal Principle of Good seems to balance it out on a spiritual plane. Like oil and water in colloidal suspension, these principles interlace in cosmic contention. Every newborn is a frail vessel animated by a spark of good and cast adrift in a black typhoon of evil. Any material object can be seen as Satan’s instrument.


Cathari priests were called Perfecti. There were male and female perfecti with separate but equal orders and disciplines: an unthinkable arrangement at that time in history. They elected promising young candidates into their collegium after a rigorous apprenticeship under a senior sponsor. Those holy partners wandered the countryside in pairs. They rested at humble hostels deeded to their fellowship by grateful deathbed bequests. They needed these houses to secure a room in which to pray alone the Lord’s Prayer in obedience to Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 6 of the Bible. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have needed private housing. Any barn corner, doorsill or trailside hut would have sufficed them. They were God’s tough guys.

Imitating the life Christ prescribed in the Books of Matthew, Luke and elsewhere in the Bible, they abstained from power, swearing, lies, wealth, sex and all meat but fish. In perfect obedience to His words, they never owned more than two coins, a cloak and pair of shoes at the same time.

They loathed the cross for the naked torture rack it was, helped the laity with its chores and problems, nursed and gave counsel when invited to do so and relied on the Lord’s Prayer and Jesus’ exact Words for spiritual sustenance. No dismissal or man-spoken substitution of His Word was allowed, unlike those our Christian churches indulge in routinely.

Lay people were called Credentes (believers). They were free to marry and tend to their worldly business without interference from the collegium. They received the Consolamentum from Perfecti on their deathbed and accepted the Endura death fast to seal their conversion into Perfecti: a quicker, cleaner and less painful death than most “natural” ones in those days, as well as those even crueler (because needlessly prolonged) of those who agonize today.

The Perfecti lived lives so holy, they were revered everywhere they went. Don’t ask me if I could imitate their saintly habits; I’d fail miserably. I am no saint, never have been and never will be. I have merely tried to guess the lost script of their Consolamentum. You’re welcome to play the same guessing game.

Their collegium grew rich from grateful deathbed bequests, yet remained steadfast. According to documents of the Inquisition, many Perfecti gave themselves away during final torture sessions, by rejecting their tormentors’ invitation to swear or taint their soul otherwise. That might have spared some of them from being burned alive by weapon Christians. I doubt it; too much fun to be had by those human monsters.


The Cathari heresy evolved from the intersection of three historical phenomena, among others.

The first of these dates back nearly two thousand years from the moment the Prophet Mani was crucified (!) by dominant Zoroastrian clergy (fire worshipers) in 276 CE. The Manichean creed spread from its Persian birthplace into Syria (another cradle of intellect) and from there into Central Europe, notably Bulgaria where it became the Bogomil heresy around 900. The Christian Orthodox Byzantine Empire, and then the expanding Turkish Empire (the ultimate expression of Islamic militarism) repressed it by 1396. While pacifistic Manichean congregations resigned themselves to military conquest and forced conversion by Christian Orthodox and Muslim fanatics, a handful of adherents sought refuge in Italy and Southern France where they converted local Catholics disenchanted by the gross materialism that had disgraced the Catholic clergy.

The second phenomenon occurred prior to the European Crusades (which flared up between 1095 and the 1200s). In addition to countless personal transgressions by its priests, the Catholic Church failed in its two-century-long quest to initiate the Peace of God and the Truce of God in Europe from 989 on. These social movements sought to forbid combat during the Christian calendar’s many holy days; to protect peasants, women, children, clergy and their property from combat; and finally, to institute church arbitration over political rivalries in order to bring their pitched battles to a halt.

All these efforts failed and their priestly advocates were replaced by profit-oriented church leaders. Militant nobles were permitted their massacres without religious penalty in exchange for lump sum donations to the Church, just as individual sinners could purchase forgiveness for their sins.

Many Christians sought honest religion elsewhere, especially among the incorruptible Cathari. In essence, their heresy was one of the first and purest expressions of Protestantism. It was exterminated centuries prior to the Protestants’ ultimate triumph that was much more worldly and receptive to immediate-profit militarism and thus historical survival: see Luther, Calvin, et al.

Third, Pope Urban II launched the First Crusade in 1095, to take the Promised Land back from the Muslims. Actually, he sought to skim the armored cavalry banditry that had envenomed Europe for a millennium, and inject it into the heart of the menacing Islamic empire. He granted important benefits to Western warriors sworn to that endeavor, notably the remission of prior sins and debts.

As these warriors assembled from all over Europe in the Langue d’Oc (at that time, an independent duchy in Southern France: the “Western tongue”), they booked passage to the Middle East and purchased provisions and equipment for their adventure. Returning Crusade survivors disembarked there and pawned their booty for handier cash to take home. This vigorous commerce turned the townships of the Langue d’Oc into the richest ones in Europe at the time. It was there that the Troubadour tradition began along with its lyrical poetry of courtly love and noble chivalry. Faith and Learning thrived as Europeans, Muslims, Jews and other polymath Learners brought rare texts to be copied, translated and studied.

The Provençal (another name for this region and its language) nobility was worn down by massive military drafts and casualties during the Crusades, and by the rise of a prosperous merchant middle class, centuries before the like would reappear in the rest of Europe. Many local nobles (men and women) took up the Cathari religion and became Perfecti.

The Pope was not amused when he found out that most of his Catholic churches had emptied (and stopped being profit centers) in the richest province of Europe, while the humble Cathari were venerated everywhere they went. After a few failed attempts at peaceful debate and reconversion (notably by St. Bernard who gave up, concluding there was nothing wrong with them), Urban II cast his poisoned barb of Crusader fury into the Langue d’Oc: one of the few times a Crusade was launched against a Catholic population (as against the Hussites later on).

As this was a struggle against heresy, the Pope had to deploy an intelligence-gathering unit that would guide the Crusader army, hunt down the heretics, exterminate and replace them. The Franciscan and Dominican Orders were designated to serve as this Gestapo. Their command and control of this Crusade would be the trial run for the Inquisition. Countless bigot prototypes had evolved from almost every mass religion since the beginning of the world’s religio-military psychohistory; this was merely the latest, most toxic version.

Another Learner chapter begs to be drafted: the institutional suppression of the free thought throughout ancient and modern times by international and interdenominational psychopaths.

What’s more, there are no “religious” means to achieve political justice, notwithstanding Liberation Theology and other half-baked attempts by clerical meliorists to perk up a few peace technologies without confronting the weapon mentality implicit in mass religion. Nor has there ever been in written history a government in a state of religious Grace, a miraculous religion or an ethically valid permanent institution — no matter how absolute the self-proclaimed power of a Church, faith or ideology of any kind before or since. It has never mattered whether absolute power was proclaimed by any religion, whether Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist or other before or since. The greater the influence of mass religionists or dominant ideologists on politics and government; the more bigoted, ignorant, reactionary and violent their outcomes.

It appears we may serve Mammon or God in this lifetime, but not both at once.


Let’s say you and I chose to disagree about our respective definitions of God. You’d stand on point A along this line of reasoning, (for example, “God does not exist.”) In this example, I would defend point B to the death, (“God is this clay figurine on my house altar” — just kidding).

Since God is infinite (or as close to it as we can tell, since responsible for everything in a vast universe and beyond — anything lesser would have to have the Boss we are trying to describe), the line of God-definition stretches out to infinity. As it stretches out, the gap between your point A and mine B shrinks to nothing and our two points tend to merge, no matter how distant and dissimilar they may appear to be.

We use spritzing brain-fat synapses to grasp our limited understanding of God, guttural human-meat grunts to convey it, and stylized black stains on chewed-up and desiccated plant fiber or digital pointillism on computer screens to memorialize it.

No wonder our words are equally valid and meaningless. We might as well grunt exactly the same noise – or write the opposite of what we just read – for all the accuracy and truth they might reveal about the perfection, omnipotence and infinity that is God.

So everyone’s definition of God must be equally true and blessed by God — and equally false and cursedly inadequate. Millennial texts like the Bible, the Vedas and the Qran are printed confirmations and aide-mémoires of this perfect absurdity; atheism, its ultimate simplification (“Move on. Nothing here to see!”). No controversy over such a haphazard topic should justify violence of any kind.

Sure thing dude. Religion has always served as mumbo jumbo to justify psychopath brutality.


We suppose, perhaps mistakenly, that our prophets taught us different things (cults and practices in conflict with each other) with the same objective in mind: salvation. On the contrary, they taught us the same thing with different objectives in mind.

There have been Christ’s lifeline and Mohammed’s, those of other prophets and great seers as well as those of famous names that drew massive attention from their fans and fellow-reincarnators whose eyes shined inward and outward with the charisma of millions of admirers (Napoleon, Cleopatra and all those famous people who served as reincarnation targets for their fans). Among those, let’s focus on Jesus’ pilgrimage.

Mohammed preached the best worldly preparation for rebirth (without knowing it: his was the supreme voice of God when mindlessly reciting His Words, less so when distracted by the detailed adjudication of the worldly problems of his followers and opponents); Moses and Abraham, the Law of God on Earth; Buddha, suffering and the Way to escape it; Zoroaster, the intimate combat between Good and Evil whose energy animates this universe. Whereas Jesus preached how to escape from the material plane and save one’s soul. With that in mind, their parables become clear and mutually complementary rather than abstract and in conflict.

Jesus left us many confusing parables in the Bible. One of them (that of the Talents: Matthew 25-14) entrusts risk-taking coinage to each of us His servants. The Lord intends that we manage our lives for the profit of souls rather than for mere risk-reduction. As stunt persons in this universal action feature, we’re here to take enormous risks. Safe mediocrity must be illusory since everything kills us in the end. In our mortality reside our glory and our salvation.

Our Father realized that the mission impossible of personal salvation had turned into a cruel punishment for most of us. We were too weak to take the high road and never got enough support from the pronouncements of His Prophets. Over and over, we missed golden opportunities for personal salvation. With every reincarnation our task became more difficult, not less so.

So He sent his only Son to Earth, to show us the last way out: Himself, and the last acceptable prayer: the Lord’s Prayer.

Just as God commanded burnt sacrifice offerings to atone for personal sin in the Old Testament’s book of Exodus, then rejected it in the book of Isaiah; in Matthew 6 of the New, Jesus replaced public worship in the temple with the Lord’s Prayer recited at home in solitude.

Christ’s disciples got it wrong. They got almost everything wrong except for the love of Christ: one of His most insistent observations.


Me, I’m a closet Christian and this is what I believe. In Matthew 6 and Luke 11, Jesus taught us to closet ourselves alone and transmit the Lord’s Prayer to God, almost the way a WW(sic)II resistance worker would have transmitted a coded message back to London Headquarters. God parachuted His Only Son into Occupied Territory to His ultimate sacrifice and Resurrection, so that He could hand down this code to us across an inconceivable stretch of time from off His Cross.

The New Testament does not validate mediation by churches and priests; it does not authorize humans to pray their needs and demands (only for Jesus in the depths of His despair). All that remains is you and God, heart-to-heart in cosmically spiritual intimacy, choosing to share the precise formula Christ prescribed: nothing more and nothing less.

The text Jesus commends for prayer is short and sweet; it has nothing to do with church catechisms and begging God for personal gain, no matter how much “official sanction” surrounds those things. Christian doctrine dismisses Christ’s words as irrelevant and substitutes needless and perhaps misleading complications. Our spiritual void is confirmed by two thousand years of murder and sacrilege committed in their name.

Two alternatives remain for true Christians: either Jesus’ teachings are perfect and our interpretation of them is faulty, or current doctrine is perfect and Jesus’ teachings were faulty. Otherwise, true Christianity would have become universal on Earth by now.

I knocked on the door of various “Christian Doctrine” web pages on the Net. Those gatekeepers who bothered to answer were proud to dismiss the words of Jesus. They treated me as if I were mad (or an imp from Hell) to question them about it. I was told Jesus’ teachings have no need to become universal. Better there be many lost souls out there, damned to eternal hellfire.

“Imitate Christ in this lifetime? What nonsense are you preaching?” Yet I had certainly read The Imitation of Christ, as had so many human sacrifices before they were mowed down during the First (sic) World War.

They got all huffy, authoritarian and dismissive when I dared suggest that their precious doctrine had two thousand years of bloody failure to account for and required repentance, reinterpretation and radical transformation based on a prayer more obedient to Christ. They did not seem require perfect obedience nor acceptance of His words without compromise. They considered themselves authorized to play word games with the Word of God, based on two thousand years of defying the Son's direct instruction.

I reject their fancy-dress lies and two thousand years of failed doctrine.


Jesus loves us all, even his clueless disciples wastrels of millennia of faith: that is His supreme glory. He does not triage acceptable souls but leaves that cosmic choice to us.

I strive to shun what little Jesus forbids us, especially when His instruction is so easy to obey. I cannot abide mere mortals who preach disobedience to Christ in order to comply with their version of “Christianity.” Call me a “closet Christian.” And somebody go fire up the Inquisition since those annoying Cathari have come back to spontaneous life!


I suspect that the consolamentum included detailed instruction on how to go directly to Heaven. Two Perfecti recited it to deathbed Credentes, in the same way Buddhist monks recite passages of the Tibetan Book of the Dead to those dying in their care.

I believe the Perfecti taught that Christ offered Himself as a reincarnation way station and escape hatch to Heaven. In so doing, He gave us God’s “Get out of Jail Free” card: the only practical escape from the Wheel of Desire and Death.

Of course, anyone could graduate to Heaven by becoming fully Christ-like during this lifetime. Good luck with that. Could we attempt it by means of an infinite series of painful reincarnations? Here we are: the graduates of billions of years of painful reincarnations and two thousand years of weapon Christianity. Who would dare presume to have come any closer success at this task?

Christ Himself said we could move a mountain if we had but a little faith. Yet no one, not the Pope or his Saints, or any born-again-by-word-of-mouth Christian – certified by religious hierarchs just as corrupt as us if not more so – none can shift so much as a grain of sand in this way. Not me, not you, not anyone besides Christ in all the history of Christianity.


Here below, I make full and free disclosure to you in strict accordance with my current belief.

We may reincarnate into Jesus’ life, all of us.

I may have found a quiet, hassle-free approach to heaven merely by reincarnating into Jesus Christ’s lifeline the next time I die.

When I die this time around, I expect to haunt the dark void that holds every material conception and expiration, and let my soul home in on the interval between Mary’s Immaculate Conception and Christ’s Resurrection from the dead. These should be psychic beacons standing out brilliantly from every other incarnation in the Universe, illuminating a flare-strobed heavy runway surrounded by furtive couplings and redundant fatalities in the heaving dark, along with those somewhat better lit and more inviting via good Karma. Among those, we may pick and choose to land for the umpteenth time.

This time around, I intend to let my soul be “born again” into Jesus’ life and thus make His eyes brighter by the slimest margin. This, assuming I have the guts to volunteer for His agony or perhaps be dispensed from it by His Grace.

My way through life has always seemed less arduous than it could have been (touch wood; I’ve known my share of pain and grief). In any case, I’ve been provided with enough peace and quiet (thank you, Linda!) to transmit to you the text of Learner that’s been downloaded to me. Hence I intend to disentangle myself from the Wheel of Life and go directly to Heaven — as He instructed us to do and as He promised that we could. As would suit the Son of God with respect to his worldly playmates.

I have devoted myself to Jesus because He is the Savior I was brought up with since childhood, with no choice in the matter. Plus He said He was the only Way to Heaven. Other people were exposed preferentially to other Prophets: Mohammed, Buddha, Moses, Mao, whomever you choose. They and we are all One. Whatever the case: pick your favorite Prophet and reincarnate into His or Her lifeline. What could be closer to heaven than the life of a revered Prophet, relived over and over again until God tires of the game and gathers all of us into Heaven?

I’m surprised how little this epiphany alters what I must say in Learner. Even more surprising will be the grand exploits we may look forward to once we’ve claimed grace in this world and Grace in the next.

At most, these meditations have turned my fortune or failure on this material plane into the blinding flashes one gets off wavelets on a late, sun-dappled afternoon. Transient and irritating at worst, they are beautiful in spite of their ache and soon to fade.

I have given up on free advice to “Live each day as if it were your first and your last.” How hormonally unworkable. I look forward to each day’s end, now. My sorriest sleeping dream has turned out to be more entertaining than the most spectacular and moving epic I’ve found in a book or on the screen. I suspect that the after-death properly negotiated is at least that much better than life or perhaps more so.

Good music, good lovin’ and a few good friends, along with a few other experiences (like laughter, great meals and just the opportunity to help someone out), they’re something else; they make the pain of living bearable. I counsel no-one to abandon them prematurely, no matter what fate our souls may have in store. It seems obvious that we have something important to learn in the here-and-now.

I may have to come back down here afterwards and repeat this message. Enough people may not have grasped it this time around or been allowed to repeat it. I would rather everyone understood it, locked it into human memory and spared me another of these appalling returns. I or some more heroic successor may have to come back (I dread the prospect of coming back to this world of killer primates), dream this message up again and repeat it as long and as often as it takes for those who inhabit this dark realm to preserve it for the benefit of those to come (those same individuals reincarnated once again).


Weapon mentors like the apostle Paul, John of Revelation, St. Augustine and their wacko supporters have compounded the same error ever since. They’ve confabulated the obvious dead-end lie of in-this-world salvation through some dubious, hierarchy-mediated verbal contract during this lifetime, followed by a Gott-Mit-Uns end-times nightmare. Overseen by a Loving God? Get real!

That eerily resembles the fate concentration camp inductees had to endure. “Take the line to the right if I think you may serve some purpose, or the one to the left if I deem you too feeble for our scheme.” No self-respecting God would sully Himself in this manner, only psychopaths would.

The outcome? Two thousand years of brutality and hypocrisy mediated by so-called “Christian” authorities.

The Council of Nicaea (Iznik, Turkey) was held in 325 CE. Narrow-minded (as usual) fundamentalists had finally “converted” from persecuting Christians with Gestapo-like tactics in the name of official Paganism. The highest-ranked among their descendants assembled in that town, rejected reincarnation (a very popular belief at that time of dynamic intermingling of Eastern and Western ideas) and expunged almost every mention of it from the Bible. Then, in the name of official Christianity, they began persecuting real Christians and authentic Pagans. They have only been stopped recently in too few countries, once stripped of political power.

It is obvious that our mass religions are morally bankrupt despite the heroic devotion of their best practitioners. The evils they forgive themselves daily more than offset any claim to validity.

Even though our spirit-lives require the nourishment of valid religion, we cannot dismiss the organized kind outright – tempting as that simplification might appear – based on the trivia it offers us, the way a housecat would offer up its massacred prey. Without religion, omnicide crouches in our hearts where real worship should belong.

Freethinking materialists have committed the worst atrocities by far. The scope of their evil has made such demands on their virtuosity that they could no longer afford to pay attention to “trivial loser” pursuits like soul and spirit.

Those of us more intent on upholding The Good had better seek inspiration from a Good God. It may not matter so much whether that God  be “imaginary” or eternal from our stunted point of view. We need a role model more compassionate than the genocidal creeps currently on display as God substitutes.

This exotic doctrine might shut down once and for all the idiot diktat of the weapon fundamentalists who rule WeaponWorld. Its adoption would banish all those fundamentalist middlemen unworthy of spiritual discourse. By what right, wisdom or benediction are they entitled to butt in there anyway? It would put the Kingdom of Heaven within everyone’s reach in the afterlife, regardless of truth or error in this lifetime. It would entrust earthly cares to our own accountability, and our salvation to the Lord’s direct tutelage.



 John Ralston Saul, in Voltaire’s Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West, Vintage Press, A Division of Random House, 1991, pp. 542-543, states that the inclusion of the Book of Revelation in the Bible (highly controversial at the time) allowed organized religion and its government masters to supplant the Words of Christ as spoken during the Sermon of the Mount, with any extremist assertion of “us versus them” bigotry and mayhem they found strategically useful. The clergy alone were allowed to read the biblical text while the lay people were limited to Sunday sermons and iconic, mosaic and stained glass representations: medieval equivalents of the video today.

 They doled out one scrawny lifetime to each of us, during which we were supposed to fulfill the mission impossible of personal salvation under the lash of their incompetence, according to their shameless plagiarism of ancient Egypt’s Day of Judgment. To promote mere weapon tyranny, they distorted Christ’s words in a manner as meaningless as it was redundant.

I wouldn’t trust them, or a hundred generations of their successors, with a used Kleenex much less my immortal soul.

In the meantime, their misinterpretation made blasphemy commonplace, murder routine and sacrilege inevitable. Anticipating public defiance of their aberration of Christian values, they consigned most immortal souls to a five pitchfork Hell to which a loving God would not have confined Beelzebub himself. By means of well-coached moral gymnastics of self-perfection, they sought to “save” only themselves and a few devoted slaves. Since they couldn’t picture a realistic heaven, their default option of Hell had to be pretty bad: a collage of psychobabble nightmares lovingly narrated by weapon mentors. It had to come to tha to be marginally worse than their fully hellish WeaponWorld in the here and now.

Don't talk to me about Islam, either. Once Muslims stop killing each other as Sunni, Shia or other . sectarians, for some trivial reason compared to the SALVATION OF THEIR SOUL by means of the Peace of Islam, be sure and get back to me. In the meantime, Muslims subsist on the knife-edge of Allah's mercy. Those who disobey Him so shamelessly have nothing to teach me.

Once we’ve come together to build God’s House of Peace, we may calmly discuss the relative merits of each religion. Until then

Yet their historic preservation of the Word of God sanctified their vocation — regardless of their misinterpretation. A proper reinterpretation of the Word of God they preserved with such devotion, would restore them to their holy calling. Our ultimate revelation may be the transcendental way the best among them may actualize their fondest dreams of devotion once they have grasped what is written below.

The Perfecti got a much clearer personal message through to a few lucky Credentes, in absolute defiance of weapon Christianity. Its fanatics burned them alive and stamped out their teaching as quickly they could, for no better reason than to mislead everyone into the dead-end hypocrisy described above.


We may serve God or Mammon but not both at once. Learner suggests how to serve this world gracefully and Grace in the next. If you dismiss the above-stated as some worthless, Bible-thumping crankdom (more fundamentalist babble), you missed my point entirely. Learner, that is your loss. Check out the “reincarnating” link above and see for yourself.

If you take your weapons indoctrination too seriously, you might expect to sort religion from government as independent variables. Forget it. We are progressives insofar our faith (in whatever) triggers fearless love, and reactionaries insofar we react (faithlessly) against the shadow of our fears and hatred. Our creeds and governments are one and the same. It doesn’t matter what phony drapes we may use to cover the religious underpinnings of government, the way prudish Victorians draped piano legs to repress their sexual obsessions.

Those Chosen Few these days should let go of traditional religions and their mystical dead ends. They could revive itinerant Cathari communities and restore a superior Tao. It would greatly relieve me to receive an honest Consolamentum on my deathbed.

Check this out if religion is your calling.

A short first stop would be The End of the World by Otto Friedrich. His chapter on “The Birth of the Inquisition” would give you some inkling of the historical and theological convolutions that entangled the Cathari. Zoë Oldenbourg’s books (available in translation from French) offer more useful information on this topic.

Such subtleties are incidental to Learner purposes. Genuine Perfecti should unite into an itinerant religious order in straightforward obedience to the Word of Christ. They could heed His straightforward instruction from the Book of Matthew and, in so doing, serve as useful role models for the peace religions Learners require.

Expect equivalent miracles to emerge from other world religions. With greater or lesser success, their foremost adherents have approached similar ideals of devotion. Every religion has conceived and aborted one or more superior heresies: Orphism, Essenes, Sufi, Bhakti, Jain, Gnosis, Ahmadiyya, Quakers, Therapeutae and Buddhism’s “vehicles.” No doubt, every mass religion has promoted some peaceful offshoot more profound than the gangrenous stumps of orthodoxy we drag behind us today. We have merely to revive the best of them and use them to replace current ones more toxic.

After all, what would you rather: that one of the worst weapon mentors in history serves as chaplain for your children? Even if their survival, much less their happiness and well-being, required a lot less weapon mentality than what he promotes?


Jesus said that any man who looks upon a woman commits adultery; I confess as much. Had he concluded that everyone was in a permanent state of sin? According to His prescription, nobody on Earth has known real faith since He left. No-one is likely to achieve Heaven in this lifetime, whether on their own or through the mediation of some self-proclaimed bureaucracy of fellow-sinners. Nor is there a valid verbal or behavioral contract we can strike during this lifetime with Christ’s so-called representatives on Earth, no matter what hokum these self-serving hucksters dare try to sell us.

It is obvious they are as hopelessly mired in this hell-world as we are. How could they pull us out of this muck? None of them can quote coherently from His Words before they start laying their power trips on us. They wind up twisting Bible verse and improvising as they go, since Jesus had nothing to say about their bureaucratic con game.

I'd rather call today's mass consumption Christians, Paulist-Johnist-Augustinians rather than real Christians, since they pay more heed to the scribbles of mere men rather than to the Word of God told by Jesus. Compared to glorious Christ – Paul, John of Revelation and St. Augustine; any preacher, saint or apostle you care to name; you, me and anyone else – we are all one and the same miserable sinner.

For example, Jesus forbade us to pray in public and in church. According to Him, we should pray the Lord's Prayer all-alone in a closet (Matthew 6-6). Yet these ministers insist that we must pray man-made texts with them in crowded, man-made churches in order to “confirm” our devotion to Christ as interpreted by them.


What you do during this lifetime is your business and no one else’s — especially not that of fundamentalists and religious bureaucrats. We should have always understood this to be the case. I suggest you follow the best advice of your favorite religion, especially its version of the Golden Rule. That might ease your tormented conscience during your next trip to the other side.

In addition, you are free to reincarnate as the Prophet or Saint of your choosing and endure soul-safe in that stout shelter with its personal exaltations, sins and agonies through countless deaths, reincarnations and rebirths, until God decides to collect every soul once and for all.

Walking around in the body of Jesus and seeing the world through His eyeballs, we’ll be soooo sorry for every wrong we’ve brought about during recent and prior lifetimes, and grateful for any act of grace we’ve garnered in the past. Piety and kindness in this lifetime would be the best preparation for the after-death experience. Those who mess things up during this lifetime will have a worse experience of it, I assure you.

The five rules of Islam, carried out in good faith and without bloody hands, would be excellent preparations for this supreme challenge, as would any other pious lifestyle that valid religion encouraged.

We may take His path after we die, assuming we do reincarnate and this mechanism applies. If not, you’re on your own.

Each of the countless times we die, I believe we reincarnate back onto the Wheel of Desire, Pain and Death. We’ve blindly done so through endless incarnations and a multitude of ecologies since terrestrial (?) life began. I begin to suspect that each consciousness (or the single one all of us share?) runs the gauntlet of every life-bubble in the universe’s DNA chain that winds and unravels itself at the speed of death.

Once you’ve grasped this message, no one will be able to extract it from you by force, by guile or by persuasion. Either it will work for you and you will be saved, or not. Once you decide to use it, no one can hold you back. For the first time in all of your imperfect lives, you will be perfectly free to save your soul, miraculously free.

Or you may return to these endless lives as often as you wish, as a Bodhisattva — provided this lesson awaits you the next time you come around and hasn’t been silenced as it has been so often in the past and so thoroughly in the present by godless fundamentalists and indifferent tools.

When you die, I invite your soul to pry open this narrow escape hatch. It’s a tight fit! Through its porthole, I caught a glimpse of the runway to Salvation.

Let’s hope this message extends to enough people and eventually to everyone — the only way to meet the dimensions of DNA vaster than death.





Learner, begin