For a good mechanic,“How do I fix this?”

No, the first questions to ask would be:


·       Why did the machine break?

·       How did it break?

·       Who broke it?


If you could answer those three questions exactly, you might find a new, unforeseen fix that might last; otherwise, no way. Despite thousands of years of babble by reductionist meliorists (Plato, Machiavelli and Marx come to mind, as does the next tank top troll online).


I foresee a new world


·       One duly elected World Mayor’s Office with its Administrative Council duly elected from grass roots both widespread and deep-rooted. Note my italics: no Big Brother need apply, replace him with worthy tribal chiefs.

·       One vigilant and humane Judiciary, controlled from start to finish by randomly selected juries.

·       An expert Police Force: the best warriors on Earth, handpicked to uphold the peace.


They would govern this planet with one police force, one judiciary and one mayor’s office.




·       two hundred cruel, ego-freak gang lords sabotaging one another at the expense of the entire world (metropolis);

·       two hundred councils of senile elders, each deadlocked at the expense of their little corner of the world (city); and

·       two hundred street corners, each with its gang of thugs who play bloody War with AK-47s, M-16s and worse, gamed by first class murderers. 


The Western Powers occupy the least damaged, richest and most heavily armed neighborhoods of a city in ruins. Mogadishu could become a regional capital of commerce, piety and Learning where the call to prayer would never again be interrupted by the disgrace of gunfire. And the West would become the same district on Planet Geneva – just super-deluxe.


Mencius held it wiser to seek Humanity and Duty than a simple profit that will turn destructive.


Of course, we will need other things too.


·       A brace of peace religions that carry on hand in hand.

·       A World Militia on the Swiss plan, that let each of us defend home, hometown and homeland against any Aggressor.

·       A 1-800-my-rights telephone number direct to the World Court.

·       A World Agora of info politics and Learning operating upwards from the grass roots,

·       Child rearing would become a sacred calling. There’d be many more, with so many Learners pursuing their topics of passion in the World Agora.

·       Guaranteed public health care. Sufficient basic necessities to satisfy everyone's needs, with lots more left over.

·       Free storefront or sanctuary-based mediation and arbitration services managed by devotional and/or secular experts, for any pair of citizens holding a grudge and dispute.

·       The restoration of climax biomes in every available habitat; and

·       Space, undersea and microbial biome exploration in earnest.


You know, all those things in favor of which we make wishful noises, yet sabotage in favor of our weapon technologies. Please note: “OUR weapon technologies, OUR responsibility”―no one else’s. In so doing, we lead a life of misery: stripped of civility, charity, true faith, serious education, useful infrastructure, high art, climax biome, good taste and dependable security. Indeed, we’ve stripped our conscience bare.


We submit more or less consciously to this mass-induced if disgraceful stupidity because our societies have evolved through Darwinian selection to fear peace as much as cholera. Both were lethal to primitive cultures and both were banned by them.

Our culture trains us, from infancy under fulltime hypnosis, to shun peace and Holy Spirit as much as shit and piss. Social collectives and lone philosophers who chose instead to train their children to seek honest peace, true sainthood and real merit, got their throats slit by more militant communities both at home and abroad. The only thing our culture is really good at is optimizing the following Threat Formula:


body count x (distance/time2)


For the first time in history, we have all the tools we require for World Peace: global communications, mutual recognition and universal longing for peace.


Note the adoption of new religions of peace at the top of my list.

I believe that Jesus taught us to live well and die one last time as clueless meat puppets. Seek to be reborn in Him, literally. Reincarnate into His Perfect Life and live it out. Learn from it exactly what we needed in our lives to be saved. Suffer the Second Death by taking up His Cross (though His Mercy might spare us His last Agony), and go directly to Heaven with Him. 

Otherwise, we condemn ourselves to an endless series of purposeless reincarnations, circular abstractions, insignificant rituals, empty sins and futile deaths—apart from the last one He professed to us, pending our compliance with His clear and simple instruction.

All religions would be equally valid. I seek this apocatastasis, this universalism. The saints required to establish it are unemployed all around us.

Every soul is saved. Thus toughened and fearless of anything on Earth, we must do our duty; thus armored, create Peace on Earth.


To achieve peace, we must understand how much we fear it, how completely our institutions are averse to it and how thoroughly our current thoughts and actions thwart it. Every institution, every down-home cliché, every cultural checkpoint will have to be taken by frontal assault and cleared hand-to-hand in this intellectual Stalingrad; no-one and nothing will be spared.


What if we stopped fearing peace? What if we embraced it instead? Taught it to the children with pure conviction, to revere world peace and uphold it forever without exception, with all our might, on our honor ?