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Sociopaths and their replacements

About 70 millions psychopaths and 210 million sociopaths subsist in the world today. Every time civilization hardens or falters, they take over and wreak havoc on innocent strangers who would look after one another instinctively in their absence. What responsibility have they held for the persistent lies, cruelty and hypocrisy of day-to-day politics that we the conscience-driven despise in overwhelming numbers? How have one percent and three percent of humanity, bereft of the moral conscience the rest of us take for granted, distorted our values enough to militarize five thousand years of world history? How could they make World Peace impossible in practice and “utopian” in theory? Why submit to their dismal science and disastrous outcomes since we outnumber them overwhelmingly?


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Mein Fahrt, Quoting Hitler out of Context

Hitler understood that a new ideology needs a simple message that everyone can understand and adopt. He stipulated its uninterrupted, step-by-step development. His intent was toxic; ours will be benign. The method lends itself just as easily to honesty and justice as to fascistic lies and abuse. Also, your honest appraisal of Learner, begin will call for great open-mindedness on your part.





“We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now.” Quotation from Martin Luther King. Invitation to read and translate Learner.




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Summary of Learner



We are trained as children against peace. The gates of PeaceWorld will only open wide once Learners admit this fact and defy it.



Why are we in this mess?


Intro & Vocab

We need a whole new political vocabulary. Our range of topics will be encyclopedic and our first treatment of them, insolently superficial and subject to mythic dismissal at every turn of page.


The Collective Superconscience

Do we share a collective superconscience? Have we polluted it with our perpetual violence? Could we systematically apply Peace to it instead?


Survival of the Deadliest

The development of military states by means of Darwinian selection. Their leadership in weapon and peace contexts.


Can We Be Good?

Innate human evil or ultimate good? Nature, nurture and other fine things.


You Choose

Pick your constellation of political metaphors: historically conformist or dreaming about tomorrow.


Weapon Psychohistory

Are we too cooperative or too competitive? Why?



War has never begun and never ended; warfare has perpetuated itself up to now. Those who resisted it most effectively perished more quickly.


Weapon Technology

The science and craft of warfare in history and in the present.


Know them by their Fruits

Sacrifice or celebration? Weapons religions promote sacrifice of the Other; peace religions, celebration. Celebrate Learning and stop sacrificing anyone except yourself.


What I Think of the Rapture, Pal

Jesus never used the term Rapture. It is found nowhere in the Bible. Christ forbids Christians to pray in church and in public; see for yourself in Matthew 6-5. What are ‘Christian’ fundamentalists up to, flouting His direct instruction, perverting Christianity and turning potential believers away in disgust?



What made longstanding peasants and nobles prefer those heretics to their Catholic clergy fully mature?  Could we imitate the Cathari model with greater success and summon the best from every creed? Contrary to weapon mythology, government and religion cannot be separated except to promote even worse outcomes.


Hypothetical Consolamentum

My attempt to reclaim the Cathari catechism suppressed during the start-up of the Inquisition. Like the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead, it describes reincarnation on the Wheel of Desire and Death. According to this chapter, we may reincarnate in Christ’s lifeline and go to Heaven with Him that very afternoon.


Identity Politics

Identity, conflict and community. Adherents of different identity positions could turn into Learners. This shared identity could shield them from the abuse of human rights. Identity politics is so divisive it poisons progress. Elites, united regardless of the divides of these politics, thrive at the expense of self-fragmented identity groups rendered subordinate. All of us could unite as Learners.


Weapon Mythology

Our constellation of political metaphors is chock-full of weapon myths. What if we replaced them with equivalents of a peaceful nature?


Heaven and Hell, on Earth

A list of suggested does and don’ts, or at least more or less often.


The 1984 Syndrome

The Syndrome: government is bad. Let’s make it as slow and stupid as possible. The cure: government is as good or bad as the nearest Mayor’s office. See to it that they improve and are held to account from above if they don’t.


The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

His social contract lacked the consideration (legal term) that would have triggered and guaranteed it: World Peace. Rousseau’s genius ignored the limits of communications of his day. Those faulty communications neutralized the social contract with respect to international relations. By making use of technologies he lacked, we could reduce that cyclopean wall to a puff of air.


Carl Marx

Marx’s fatal mistake. Defining politics in the absence of the weapon/peace antinomy is like calculating orbital mechanics without gravity. Marx’s obsession, economics, is just a tributary of the great river of information that could be infinitely renewable and exponentially profitable without the dismal science. It could grow a thousand-fold, once set to chaotic and anarchic dialog mode instead of centralized and government-promoting monolog mode much less productive. Learners could liberate this source of abundance untapped since Marx and his successors ignored it.


Threat Formula

Body Count times Distance over Time squared, instead of the armchair formula that accelerates thought (see below). The obsessive refinement of this formula has taken enormous wealth away from profitable peace projects.


Combat Infantry Warrior

Let’s pull on the boots of an average grunt.


Criminal Warfare

The links between crime, warfare and governance.


The Capital Option

The garden and the viral infection: the two paths Capitalism cam take and their outcomes.


Paradox America

Action versus deliberation: America’s ultimate weakness and supreme power.


Burning Libraries (BCE)

Among the best-preserved writings in history, only one out of ten authors survives and one out of ten of his works.


Burning Libraries (AD)

More book burning up until now. It has been omnipresent in history and sickeningly widespread among the psychopathic adherents of every creed and nation.


Weapon Mentality

Are fascism and modern political philosophy too similar? Why?



The institution of righteousness. We have our precedent.


Ritual Stupidity

Failure to heed warnings until it’s too late, in accordance with weapon mentality.


Several Big Lies

A partial list of lies by type. How can elites lie so often, so consistently, so shamelessly and with so much professional arrogance? Those questions motivated me to compose Learner. 


Pick Your Poison

Weapon mentality is lethal by design. It cannot help itself; that is what is does best. If you seek a dog that bites, you’ve picked the perfect rottweiler. Choose a milder pet.



How to pass from WeaponWorld to PeaceWorld.


Peace Mentality, Weapon Mentality

Superficial growth from deep roots, explosive growth from shallow ones. Deep roots and fruitful growth. The golden rule of human conscience versus the toxic one of tactical advantage.


Learning to Dance

The World Elephant is directed by a cockroach mind, its enormous strength is out of balance with its narrow awareness. It wanders blindly, breaks a leg while out on a walk and starves in a farmers’ market. That is our world. We could implant a good brain in that elephant and watch it dance. This Fantasia sequence is our lifeline to PeaceWorld.


Education as Pathology vs. the Armchair Formula

Modern education is all about triage and restriction. Learner education will provide each child with at least one graduate degree by puberty, the same way musical prodigies are promoted today. Accelerate the flow of information instead of rationing it. Flip the hierarchic ziggurat of education and turn it into a cornucopia of Learning, anarchic but self-filtering for excellence.


Further Communications

The rules that regulate communications by means of a constellation of political metaphors. Free speech and profit centers. Amplify the bandwidth of anarchistic dialog and turn down the frequency of official monolog.


The Library

Information handling by peace technology.



Taichi Sakaiya wrote about perceived abundance and its objective value judgments, about dearth and its knowledge value judgments. Suggested peace technology applications of knowledge-value and their ability to balance affluence and poverty, objective value and knowledge-value.


Laocracy vs. Pathocracy

Laocracy as a direct, proportional and constant referendum substitute for the indirect, problematic and patchy services of representative democracy. The suggested architecture of the World Agora and of its info politics on PeaceWorld. Pathocracy: WeaponWorld rule of sociopaths (see above).


Jury Duty

For maximum justice.


Computer Yellow Pages

How to list topics of passion and their adherents.


White Noise

Some problems with large-scale governance.


Conceive Your Future

Your picture is as valid as mine. Let’s build ours together.



On the benefits of extended travel.


Ancient Abundance & Little Green Men

Laughably unscientific speculations and outlandish hypotheses for your fireworks entertainment.


Learner Science

Peace technology applications of science and superstition.  True scientific creativity has flat-lined since the 1950s (reduced to marginal improvements of gadgets and banging things with bigger hammers). Corporate weapon science has buried untold scientific discoveries. The renaissance of peace science.


Beyond Darwin

A complementary aspect to his theory of evolution.  Disease as a mechanism of evolution, sex between the biological kingdoms, and infection as a therapeutic tool.



Amer-Ind as a universal travelers’ language supplemental to each person’s language of birth. On cultural ecology: its suffocation by corporate weapon culture and its growth on PeaceWorld.


Satyagraha and Allah

On the fine art of verifaction: the search for truth on both sides of a conflict. On Islam. What if the two agreed?


Some Basic Rules

Gandhi’s ideas on Satyagraha, conflict resolution and non-violence ― lifted with gratitude from Mark Juergensmeyer’s book.


Ode to Truth and Non-Violence

A poem on Satyagraha and verifaction.



Please don’t appraise peace technology by the econologic of weapon mentality. While it is anti-profit in the long run; that of peace would be much more sustainable if pursued with equal passion. A possible solution to the problems of rising population and thinning resources.



What to expect once PeaceWorld happens?


The Future

Could the Earth turn into a superior model of Victorian England? The Earth as a manorial land. Factory towns fringing Earth orbit instead of the sea. Outer space, the colonies?


The Cosmic Serpent

Is the living voice of DNA that of the serpent of Eden, the devil? Or is it the Holy Spirit that Jesus left us as Comforter, pending His return? DNA is very old and very wise. Our souls are already saved. Why not find answers to our worst problems in that titanic database? DNA has survived them in other incarnations and turned them to advantage. Why not share that expertise in the here and now?


Aliens & Cavemen

Some outlandish, pre-historic speculations for your dining and dancing pleasure.


Doctors within Borders

Many more medics should serve us. Weapons impediments to public health and peace technology applications to health care.


Plus LTA, Minus Nukes

Alternative transportation hardware. The formal interdiction of nuclear war.


Is Ecology Constitutional?

Sustainable ecology as a constitutional right.


Planet Overwatch

Grass roots surveillance of large-scale activities. Urban renewal, urban forestry, tectonic remediation, covered cities, elevated walkways, solar power.


Your Rights or Their Privileges?

Human rights on PeaceWorld.


Population Control

The best way: as many people well cared for as possible — far fewer exceptions.


World Militia

“The Constitution calls for a well-regulated militia,” … Harm Forces on PeaceWorld.


Peace on Earth and Goodwill

Convivencia, learning to live together. Urban design and environmental protections.


What Can I Do?

Be kind enough to translate your favorite chapters of Learner into your mother tongue and broadcast them on the Internet. A more or less wise list of personal suggestions.


Is It Too Late?

Probably. Maybe not. So what?  We are honor-bound to do our best regardless of our likelihood of success or failure.



The sustainable development of peace technologies. Activism, social commentary, futurism, prophecy, politics, political theory, ecology and peace, idealism, urban renewal, the management of global federation. The vision of the world we lack.


Trash Soccer

Street litter may belong to the hell of WeaponWorld, but not to the New Jerusalem of PeaceWorld. Litter control should be a sidewalk sport; it’s recycling, child’s play.






Learner, begin